Why You Should Buy Bob Wigs

Hairstyles come and go, hair colours come and go, but something that remains consistent are bob wigs. As a hair enthusiast, time and again, I have seen bob wigs get back into fashion after every 2 to 3 years.

However, getting a bob is a major life decision and limits you to wear the same hair length, without much room for change. This is why, bob wigs are possibly the most sold hair wig type out of all of them. From leading celebrities to social media influencers, everyone has flaunted a bob wig at least at one point in their career.

So, here is a compilation of evidence in support of bob wigs and how they are the perfect contender for trying out something new:

It’s all in the Details

When we hear the word ‘Bob’, we tend to assume the generic straight cut, above shoulder and below ear haircut that makes you look like a Disney villain. However, bob wigs come in much more kinds of styles than just the generic straight bob.

A bob wig can be high up to your chin or to be safe, you can buy a bob wig that comes to your shoulder. The best thing is, a bob wig can be cut to match your evolution of style.

Another detail to look for in a bob wig is the type of cut, it can either be an angled bob that usually Disney villains have or a straight bob for a more feminine look.

The Instant Change

The reason why getting you actual haircut into a bob is that what if the final look does not meet our expectations?

However, with a bob wig you can instantly see the change in your look, without having to make a life changing decision. After buying a bob wig, install it and style it, and voila! You have a new style.

Classic and Chic

Believe it or not, but the first bob cut was done in 1915. The legacy of a bob, therefore makes any person look classic and chic.

If you style your bob wig with a side part, possibly curled, it gives the appearance of a classic lady, which we all want to be.

It Lets You Experiment

A bob wig is a great way to experiment with your look and style. It can show off your facial contours, so if you’re looking to figure out your own style, buying a bob wig can help you determine what’s right and what’s not.


Being an affordable type of hair wig, you can buy multiple bob wigs at various lengths, textures and colours. I would also recommend that you buy a human hair wig that can be cut into different styles and come as close to your own natural hair as possible. This gives you more room to experiment and determine what suits you as a bob. If a sleek and angled look is your thing, then a bob can show you as tough. While if you want a soft appearance, style your bob in a curl and it will show your inner femininity.

I hope after reading the article you’re excited about trying the different styles in bob wigs. Happy shopping!



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