Find Your Perfect Length: A Guide to Choosing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a good chance for those who would like to try something different with their hair type. If you require more length, more volume or both, then you must have basic knowledge about hair extension length. Providing all the basic information about the extension length in this article. Moreover, providing some tips on how to choose the right length of hair extension.

Understanding Hair Extension Lengths

Hair extensions come in different lengths and these are normally measured in inches. This measurement is aimed at the length of the individual strands that will aid in the general outlook of the hairstyle. It is also essential to note that the length of the extensions will define the final result of the hairstyle, therefore it is crucial to make the right decision. It’s time to enhance hair styling by using 20 inch tape in hair extensions or various sizes of extensions according to your desire.

Popular Length Options

  • Short Lengths (14-18 inches): The hairpieces with lengths from 14 to 18 inches are ideal for achieving the extra length and volume. They are typically worn in the region of the shoulder blades or upper back and the appearance is quite life-like to be used with any hair style.
  • Medium Lengths (20-22 inches): Extensions that are 20-22 inches in length are classified as medium-length and they are quite universal yet eye-catching. They are long and thick enough to be worn as stylish wigs without compromising the head hair.
  • Long Lengths (24 inches and above): For those who want to get the maximum length and volume, extensions of 24 inches or more will give the best result. These lengths are perfect for occasions or for anyone who wishes to arrive and be noticed with their hair.

Choosing the Right Length

  • Assess Your Goals: First of all, it is necessary to define what purpose the hair extensions will serve. Are you in need of hair extensions or want to have fuller hair? Understanding your objectives will be of great help in restricting your options when it comes to defining the right length.
  • Considering Natural Hair Length: Think of the length of natural hair that you have, this is essential when choosing the kind of wig to purchase. In case you are a short hair person, it may be a little challenging to blend the long extensions with natural hair. On the other hand, if you have long hair, shorter extensions could be more useful in adding volume without having to add length.
  • Lifestyle and Maintenance: Consider the lifestyle you lead and how much time you are willing to spend on hair care. The longer hair extensions will require more care and styling time while the shorter hair extensions are more convenient for everyday wear.


Length is another factor that one should consider when purchasing hair extensions if they want the intended hairstyle. Thus, when deciding on the extensions, one should consider his or her objectives, hair length, daily schedule, and the time that is ready to be spent on the extensions’ care to select the most appropriate type of extensions that will best fit and look on the client. Whether you are looking for short extensions, medium extensions or long extensions, the right extensions will give you the desired look, confidently and stylishly.



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